Four Fast Growing web development trends in 2019

Four fast growing web development trends in 2019

With new web development trends kicking off every year, what are the new trends in 2019, and are some of them things you may enjoy doing or using?

Push notifications — If you want to inform people about new content on your website, or you are a consumer that likes to keep up with your favorite sites, push notifications are a new web development trend in 2019 you should watch. So popular are they, in fact, they are taking over from email lists on many websites, as consumers want to be notified quickly about new content.

Adaptive applications and sites — It is just about impossible nowadays to have either a site that is not compatible with most devices, or to be developing an app that cannot work on most of them.

This is because consumers expect adaptability when they purchase an app or visit a website, and are happy to move to another property if an app or site they like cannot adapt to all their devices.

Voice search — As voice search has become better and better, more app developers are implementing it in their apps. After all, when you can use voice search to find what you need in a couple of seconds, rather than the 30 seconds or so it can take to type your request into a search box, no wonder voice search is so popular.

If you are currently developing a new app that has a search function, do make sure it features the ability to search by voice.

The Internet of things — While laptops and phones are the devices most people use to get online, you can expect a web development trend in 2019 to be the Internet of things. This means other electronic devices like refrigerators, TVs and smart watches will continue to increase in the amount of data they will pull from the Internet. Read on Dubai Jobs for more details.

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